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NOW WHAT? (eBook Version)

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    Behind the glitz and glamour of being a bikini competitor is a question many struggle to answer post-show: “Now what?”.

    Has being a bikini competitor become an inherent part of your identity?

    Are you extremely goal-driven, but feel at a loss now that you have entered the off-season phase?

    Do you find yourself struggling to be consistent without a competition in mind?

    You’re not alone.

    Competing is an individual sport, but collectively, Pros and amateurs all share the same struggles. The post-show experience is difficult to navigate for everyone, and Pros are no exception.

    After all, every Pro was once an amateur.

    This eBook is a resource to help anyone with the struggles of life after competing. It features many thought-provoking journal prompts, as well as insights from over 30 Pro competitors in the industry.

    Now What? is a must-read for every competitor who wants to ensure that their post show journey is just as fulfilling as their comp prep!

    PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN EBOOK VERSION. You can find a hard copy version here: Now What? (Hard Copy Book) | Absbyalana

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