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    NOTE: Email to purchase a macro calculation and receive this guide FOR FREE. Alternatively, you can just purchase this guide on its own via the online shop.

    The Abs By Alana Macro-Friendly Recipe Guide is so much more than just a recipe e-book. If you are after a comprehensive guide on all things flexible dieting, look no further! Not only does this guide contain 60 macro-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert, but the guide consists of 80+ pages of information regarding:

    - What is flexible dieting?
    - Calories in vs calories out
    - What are macros?
    - How do I calculate my macros?
    - How do I track my macros?
    - Tracking alcohol
    - Common tracking mistakes
    - Tips for reading food labels
    - Additional information
    - The 80/20 rule
    ... And much more!

    You will not regret purchasing this e-book! If you are interested in having your macros calculated by me, please email to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

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