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Addressing Self-limiting Beliefs

How many times have you told yourself:

- “I will never be happy with my body”

- “I will never feel confident in myself”

- “This won’t work for me”

- “I will never lose weight”

- “I could never lift that heavy”

It’s time to quit the negative self-talk, Queen! Remind yourself that the only limits you have, are the ones you believe. If you reiterate and accept the same self-limiting beliefs to yourself, it becomes truth for you. When in reality, most of these limitations are self-imposed and are stopping you from reaching your FULL POTENTIAL!

So, what can you do about it?

It’s time to recognise the beliefs that limit your potential so that you can overcome self-limiting beliefs and replace them with self-building beliefs.

This doesn’t just relate to starting your health and fitness journey, but all aspects of your life. Once you become aware of them, you can learn to let go of the things that are holding you back in life. I’m first to admit that this can be confronting, but it’s necessary.

What are your self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your goals? It’s time to get honest with yourself! Being aware of self-limiting beliefs will ensure that your actions are conducive to what you are ultimately trying to achieve. Whether that be in health and fitness, your career, relationships – you name it. What self-limiting beliefs are holding you back?

When addressing a self-limiting belief, we are going to use the 5-step model to overcoming self-limiting beliefs. You can find a free downloadable sheet on the ABA website to complete this for yourself: ADDRESSING SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS | Absbyalana

Step 1: ask yourself if this belief is true: do I really know that this is true?

Step 2: Determine the source of the belief: where did it come from?

Step 3: What would your life be like without this belief?

Step 4: Replace the belief: find another belief that counteracts the previous belief that doesn’t serve you

Step 5: find evidence that this new belief is true

Wanting to hear more about addressing self-limiting beliefs and how Gemma and I overcome them? Tune into The ABA Girls Podcast on how to address self-limiting beliefs via the link below:

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