ABA: Bodyweight HOME Workout Guide

  • ABA: Bodyweight Home Workout Guide

    The Abs By Alana Bodyweight Home Workout Guide comprises 4 workouts: 2 x lower bodyweight sessions and 2 x upper HIIT sessions with a BONUS ab workout. The program provides links to video demonstrations of all exercises that are easy to follow and can be done from the comfort of your own home during this isolation period. 


    Equipment required:

    - None


    NOTE: This guide is designed for people with no access to equipment. If you have resistance bands available, feel free to check out the ABA: Band-only Home Workout Guide. If you only have dumbbells available, you may wish to purchase the ABA: DB-only Home Workout Guide. If you have both resistance bands and dumbbells, I would advise you to purchase the ABA: DB + Band Home Workout Guide.