My Journey/Establishing Healthier Habits

Hi, I'm Paige as many of you probably already know! Before I signed up with Alana in January of 2019, I had moved interstate wanting a fresh start and had been cleared to get back into fitness after being in a car accident in 2018. Before my accident, I was over-training, barely eating and used exercise as a form of punishment.

After my accident, I was unable to exercise and my mental and physical health rapidly declined. I used my accident as an excuse for why I was eating poorly (having a lot of takeaway), and being very inactive (getting under 5k steps a day).

Fast forward to now: it has been 16 months working with Alana and I have completely transformed my lifestyle through implementing healthier habits each day. I have gone from over-training and under-eating, to being completely inactive and over-eating, to now living a balanced life. I train 5 x per week and eat all foods in moderation. So how did I turn it around?


Some tips to start your journey would be:

1. Focus on high-volume foods or foods that keep you ‘full’ to begin with to help with hunger and keeping on track. Flexible dieting also helped keep me on track as I was able to fit foods I enjoyed into my daily intake like Freddo frogs and paddle pops. This helped me with being compliant to my macros because I never felt restricted.

2. I also found setting myself daily goals in a diary helpful to keep me motivated and on track, things as simple as ’10K steps’ ’Stick to macros’ and ‘Work-out’ so I felt accountable.

3. Having a program to follow helped give me structure when I went to the gym instead of doing random workouts and not knowing what to do each week. It also allowed me to focus on progressive overload and getting stronger. I believe it’s important to have other goals aside from weight loss.

4. Establishing a routine. I set myself a daily routine of tasks which has allowed me to cange my lifestyle. It includes meal prepping, getting my steps in, doing my workouts, and rest days. This has definitely been the reason I have been able to stay on track, because this is a lifestyle now. It’s been a trial and error period trying to find what works best for me, but it has been worth the end results!

What has been the biggest shift for you with Abs by Alana?

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