Macro Tips/Common Tracking Mistakes

Hi ladies, Paige here! I thought I would talk about a few common tracking errors that could be hindering your progress. These are issues that I encountered when I first started tracking, so I wish I knew then what I know now! These issues are:

1. Incorrect entries! When you type in a common food item such as “bananas”, you’re likely to get a dozen different entries. So which one do you choose? 🤔 I highly recommend using “NUTTAB” for your produce. NUTTAB is the Australian Nutritional Database and is the most accurate in regards to tracking fruit and veggies 🍓🥦 When entering in a banana for example, just type in “nuttab banana”.

2. If a product looks too good to be true, than it most likely is. As Alana has touched on before, nutritional labels are able to discretely label extra cals under dietary fibre and sugar alcohols (you can search for Alana’s post in this group for more information).

3. Weighing raw vs cooked! When I first began my journey I had an incident with rice. I was weighing it raw when the packaging specified the macros were for cooked weight. Rice obviously doubles in size when cooked, therefore I was eating double the calories 🥴 Be aware of raw weight and cooked weight, this will be specified on the packaging. Be consistent with your method of weighing food raw/cooked. For example, if you decide to weigh your meat raw, be consistent with that method.

4. KEEP IT SIMPLE. In the beginning, I kept trying to work out the PERFECT way to hit my macros, instead of just hitting them. My advice? Stop over-complicating things! Eat 80/20 (80% whole foods and 20% fun foods). I may start my day with chocolate and end my day with chocolate, but all the meals in between are filled with plenty of fruit and vegetables 🍫🍓🥦🍌

5. Forgetting to log things: if you track as you go, it’s likely you may forget about foods you ate during the day. I highly recommend planning a day in advance to reduce the likelihood of this happening! Ensure you’re accounting for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you put in your mouth - drinks, bites, condiments, etc. Everything adds up! ☺️

I hope you found that helpful ladies! 💗

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