Let’s talk progress. When first beginning your weight loss journey, it’s easy to become fixated on the scale and to use it as a metric to assess your progress. I know we all feel let down as soon as we step on the scales and it’s slightly up compared to the week before, which may even cause you to self-sabotage. Maybe you want to give up. You think “why bother?” and start thinking irrationally, like you will never achieve your goals. But weight fluctuations can be caused by so many different factors, and aren’t the only way to measure progress. Think of the scale weight as data and set yourself non-scale victories. At the beginning of my journey, I was very scale driven to the point of not enjoying the gym. It was purely just to see results. I fixated on the scale as my only form of progress, and let it dictate my mood.

I found when I started to shift my focus on getting stronger and not about getting to a goal number, I actually found my true love for health and fitness. I thought I would post a photo of my app that I track my weight in to give you an understanding of how often I see my scale weight fluctuate. Losing 24kgs wasn’t a linear process: some weeks weight would trend up, some weeks I would lose a bit, and some weeks I would lose nothing. Trusting the process at the beginning can be hard, but be persistent and set yourself goals that don’t relate to the scale to keep yourself motivated 🙌🏼

A few of my non-scale goals included:

1. Hitting a 100kg PB hip thrust 2. Feeling confident enough to wear just a sports bra and tights to the gym 3. Fitting into size 10 jeans again And most importantly, when I ticked off those goals, I set new ones

What’s everyone’s non-scale goals? ⬇️

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