Hands up if you have been personally victimised by cellulite in a photo before ✋🏼

Probably one of the biggest questions I get in regards to my weight loss journey is “how did you get rid of majority of your cellulite?”

I get asked about my leg workouts and particular foods that help to reduce cellulite, but the truth is, EVERYONE HAS CELLULITE. There is no secret to “get rid” of cellulite, only to reduce the appearance of it. While I have lost 24kg and my cellulite is less obvious, I still do have it! Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of.

When I signed up with Alana we had a running joke that she would come and iron out my cellulite because I hated it so much 😂 My cellulite has been one of my biggest insecurities, but with a lot of persistence and consistency it has slowly faded. But I do remind myself that everyone has cellulite, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

While cellulite was a big concern for me in the beginning, the more I began to enjoy fitness, the more I focused on becoming stronger rather than my imperfections.

I stopped letting my insecurities dictate what I would wear to the gym. And it feels damn good to wear shorts in the gym and not feel like I have to hide my body anymore.

So if you’re worried about your cellulite, know that everyone has it. There is no special food or workout that is going to get rid of it completely!

Hope everyone’s having a productive Friday 💓

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