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Are you feeling motivated to make a change, but don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to improve your relationship with food?

Are you ready to boost your confidence in the gym and learn proper technique?

Are you ready to overcome self-limiting beliefs and get out of your own way?

Are you ready to achieve the body you have always dreamed of?

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Girl, if you said yes to any of the above, then you are READY for MOTIV8, our 8-week course that will help you get started in just 8 weeks and instil you with the habits that will keep you going forever.

This course covers everything you need to know to live your healthiest and happiest life.


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What to expect from MOTIV8


8 weeks' worth of content and self-development resources

A self-reporting check-in sheet to track your progress and keep you accountable 

2 x 4-week training programs

 An overview of how to calculate and track your macros

A copy of The ABA Macro-Friendly Recipe Guide

A platform to connect with a supportive group of like-minded women on Facebook

 Downloadable check-in sheets, calendars, mindset tools & much more! 






WEEK 1 Welcome to MOTIV8/Nutrition & Training Overview 

Week 1 is your introduction to MOTIV8. You will receive your downloadable check-in sheet, as well as additional resources so that you can determine your macronutrient intake based on your goal. You will also receive your first 4-week training block (you will receive your second half-way through the course for the remaining 4 weeks).

WEEK 2 Goal-setting, Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs & Addressing Lifestyle Factors


This week is all about getting CLEAR on what you want to achieve, overcoming any self-limiting beliefs you may hold, and getting out of your own way to achieve the goals YOU WANT! We also address lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, and gut health to optimise your results.

WEEK 3 Calories vs Macros & How to Stay on Track During Social Occasions

This week is all about managing social outings and remaining mindful of your goals. After all, there will NEVER be a perfect time to start. You just need to start! Social occasions are a part of life, and we can’t avoid them (nor should we!).

WEEK 4 Resistance Training, Compound Lifts, Half-Way Reflection 

THE HALF-WAY MARK! This week is all about reflection. We also touch on the importance of periodisation, AND you receive your NEW training split for the remaining 4 weeks of the course! We go through each compound lift (deadlifts, squats, and hip thrusts) in detail so that you feel CONFIDENT in the gym and can master your technique.

WEEK 5 RPE Rest Days, Overcoming Gym Anxiety, Creating Habits

In week 5, we touch on exercise intensity and how to gauge this using an RPE scale. We also address how to overcome gym anxiety, and also how to establish habits that last!

WEEK 6 Cardio/NEAT/Supplements 

This week we address cardio and NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), and how we can manipulate both to increase energy expenditure. We also touch on the benefits of supplements and our general recommendations.

WEEK 7 Mind, Body, Soul 

MY FAVOURITE WEEK! This week is all about the mind, body and soul. Gem and I will run through a guided meditation for relaxation and stress management. You will also be provided with journal prompts, podcast recommendations, and guided yoga. We also sit down with mental health Counsellor, Celeste Rains-Turk and discuss all things body image and breaking the binge/restrict cycle.

WEEK 8 Measuring your final progress 

Our FINAL week! We reflect on the past 8-weeks and the goals achieved, as well as set new ones. This is your chance to submit your final check-in to go in the running to win FREE online coaching with myself.

One-time payment: $330

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